Exciting New Partnership Announced For The Year Ahead

Exodus Adventure Travels and Kiwano Come Together

Exciting New Partnership Announced For The Year Ahead

Exodus Adventure Travels and Kiwano Come Together

Here to redefine, reimagine, and reset tourism with the help of our friends Exodus Adventure Travels, this new partnership helps us to continue to grow a community of travel agents and professionals keen to learn, share, and thrive together.

By Rebecca Woolford

In the lead-up to Exodus’s 50th birthday celebration, this new innovative partnership represents an exciting future ahead. One in which we’ll continue to nurture and grow a community of changemakers who are shifting mindsets and driving system change within travel and tourism.

Driving change from the inside out isn’t easy, but by learning and sharing, we can thrive together. 

How do we nurture changemakers?

  • By hosting online, accessible-to-all, educational B2B webinars
  • Signposting which accommodations put the planet and people first
  • Sharing inspiring stories to help make sense of complex topics
  • Providing online learning that inspires new thinking and action

This is the work of our lifetime at Kiwano and in partnership with Exodus Adventure Travels, we’ll be able to create even more impact, increase visibility, and provoke change faster. 

You can read more about Exodus Adventure Travel in their ‘Behind the Green’ interview here

The Kiwano travel agent community meets up at both online and face-to-face events.

What does being a ‘catalyst for change’ look like? 

Only 3 months ago, over 300 travel agencies came together following one of our webinars with World Animal Protection – to call out the travel giant TUI which continues to fail wildlife in marine parks. 

We’re empowering travel agents to ask the questions that need to be asked, to question the thinking that created these problems, and to reinvent, reset, and reimagine the industry they love.

“Waiting for everyday people to demand change won’t happen fast enough, it’s got to come from within the industry. We are no longer sitting idle waiting for governments, policymakers, or big brands to wake up, we’re inspiring change from the inside.” Marie Rowe, Travel Counsellors

Exodus Adventure Travel experiences and Rochelle, sustainability manager

What will happen next? 

Following the Rethinking Wildlife Tourism webinar wildly popular amongst travel agents, product teams, and even travel franchise owners; we couldn’t ignore the appetite for more information and a keenness to ‘do better’. So, with Exodus’s help, we are hosting part 2 next month here

Beyond wildlife tourism, we’ll also be empowering women through tourism in April, capturing the hearts and minds of travel agents and engaging them in the solutions. With an increasing focus on community-based tourism experiences, understanding the role women play in these relationships is critical.

“Our B-Corp certification already signals to travel agents that we are running a business in a way that is dedicated to creating positive environmental and social change. This exciting new partnership is a natural extension of this commitment.” Rochelle Turner, Exodus Adventure Travels

“Whether it be their transparency through impact reports, the foundation’s critical work, or their ‘nature first’ promise; Exodus is about ‘action’ over simply ‘talk’ about change. We share the same values and we both believe in travel as a force for good – that’s why this partnership feels good. We’re ready to make an even bigger impact together.” Rebecca Woolford, Co-Founder of Kiwano

Watch part 1 of Rethinking Wildlife Tourism here OR register for the next LIVE event here. Get ready to learn the need-to-knows for ethical elephant experiences, hear new insights from the leading experts, and feel inspired by travel agent stories.

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