KLEN Hotel

Ukraine, Europe

KLEN Hotel

Ukraine, Europe

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    ‘Mountain views, forest hikes, and relaxation by a picturesque river. Experience the Hutsul culture in the Carpathian Mountains’

    Kiwano Gift On Booking: Enjoy a local aperitif and appetizer upon arrival


    • Highlights

      From $47 USD per night with river views

      Log cabins with private balcony

      Perfect for meditation & long walks 

      Wine tasting overlooking the river

      Explore the region with FREE bikes 

      Skiing, hiking, kayaking, yoga & more 

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    • Top Tip

      ‘Visit the river jacuzzi to enjoy the views and healing mountain fresh air’

      Eco Activities

      Hike the Carpathian Mountains, a special region not only for the positive impact on human health, but also for the fast-changing weather.

      In summer you can enjoy a swim in the mountain river and in the evening spend time by the fire. In winter walk through the enchanting forest.

      Experience the power of water with rafting and kayaking tours. Overcome difficult rapids whilst being carried by the flow of the wild river.

    • Rooms

      With a choice of accommodation available. The house on the river is ideal for those who prefer no neighbors. The two-storied chalet features a kitchenette, dining area and sofa. It has 2 terraces and a fireplace in the dining room. Whilst the one-bedroom house has a sauna.

      Complete wooden eco house, interior & exterior

      Spacious balconies and large terraces

      Surrounding mountain and river views

      The à la carte breakfast each morning

    • Need to Know

      If you’re looking for nightlife and discos don’t come here. KLEN is an escape from the noise. You’ll find peace and a chance to reconnect with nature.

      The Carpathian region suffers from poor quality roads in places, some forums say it’s not that bad. But there are noticeable holes.

      In the month of September only some locals burn waste (instead of composting) which may result in temporary air quality loss. Although this activity happens all over the world and isn’t an isolated issue, this family-run hotel is just upfront about it 😉

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    • Location

      KLEN is located in the beautiful rural village of Mykulychyn in Western Ukraine, on the banks of the river Prut. In winter, the stunning nature surrounding the hotel becomes capped with snow.

      How to get there

      The nearest airport is Ivano-Frankivsk International Airport, which is 1h 8 min drive (66km). KLEN is situated 300 meters from the new international highway H09. You can drive to the Carpathians by car or the bus stop is just 500 meters from the KLEN hotel.

      Mykulychyn railway station is just 800 meters away. If you arrive at Yaremche railway station or Ivano-Frankivsk airport this family-run hotel will arrange a private transfer or you.


    Leaf Rating

    Kiwano Hotels

    1-leaf status

    As part of what we do here at Kiwano we advise hotels that don’t meet the criteria on how they can reach the renowned Kiwano seal of approval, sharing knowledge; working tirelessly to get more hotels inspired to join the green movement.

    • Energy
      KLEN uses biological bricks to fuel the fireplaces. These bricks burn for longer than traditional wood and coal, and therefore use less resources and create less waste.
    • Water
      The hotel collects rainwater to be reused in the garden, to save this precious resource and reduce consumption.
    • Waste
      The hotel proactively works to recycle and reduce waste, by composting organic waste and recycling where they can, fully supporting the recycling initiatives of the municipality. As well as this, they...

      also provide refillable water for guests, to reduce the single-use plastic water bottles.

    • Conservation
      KLEN is currently working on this criteria, watch this space!
    • Food
      All food at KLEN, including meat, dairy products and vegetables are all organic and locally sourced to reduced wasted energy from food miles.
    • Engage Guests
      Guests are able to benefit from the free bikes, offered by the hotel to encourage outdoor activity. Staff at the hotel provide experienced guides for the more adventurous guests...

      KLEN offers free sustainability educational sessions for their guests, with a UNDP certified lecturer. The cleaning of rooms and changing of towels is only done upon request at KLEN, in order to save energy and water.

    • Architecture
      The buildings are made with wood, the best ecological option as it keeps the rooms cool in summer without the need for air conditioning, as well as warm in winter with natural ventilation...

      The paints used to decorate the hotel were all eco-friendly certified and are water soluble. (Eco paints contains lower levels of volatile organic chemicals).

    • Housekeeping
      The toiletries offered to guests are refillable, to reduce waste created by single-use plastics. As well as this, the hotel uses Amway cleaning products which are ecologically certified and...


    • Kiwano Bonus
      KLEN is currently working on this criteria, watch this space!


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      "Great great great!"

      Very comfortable hotel, with beautiful surroundings and lovely and warm staff! Fantastic holistic rooms all made from local timber. Full of positive energy , great retreat to spend relaxing time visiting probably one of the best natural areas in Europe.

      Expedia Reviewer

    • Kiwano Hotels
      Kiwano Hotels
      Kiwano Hotels
      Kiwano Hotels
      Kiwano Hotels
      "We had everything we needed "

      We booked the Chalet for 8 persons. We had everything we needed, it was clean and cozy. The food is also very good. We would recommend the place and we would like to have the chance to spend another winter holiday here.

      Cristina Facebook Reviews

    • Kiwano Hotels
      Kiwano Hotels
      Kiwano Hotels
      Kiwano Hotels
      Kiwano Hotels
      "I would definitely return."

      What an amazing and beautiful place to visit and relax in the Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine. Conveniently located off the main road ( but set back far enough to escape the road noise), KLEN Hotel is on the Prut River and has 11 comfortable rooms.

      YayeMama, TripAdvisor

    • Kiwano Hotels
      Kiwano Hotels
      Kiwano Hotels
      Kiwano Hotels
      Kiwano Hotels
      "Unbelievably tasty local food"

      Amazing location with a beautiful Garden just near the river in a peaceful area. Friendly and helpful Staff. Everybody was smiling with good english skills. Very nice and clean rooms with a beautiful view and comfortable beds. Unbelievably tasty local food.

      Benjamin, Booking.com Reviews


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