Comuna do Ibitipoca

Brazil, South America

Comuna do Ibitipoca

Brazil, South America

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‘Combining unique character and luxurious charm, Comuna do Ibitipoca offers conservation, art and sustainability. Venture out of the reserve to explore the stunning waterfalls and dramatic rock formations.’


  • Highlights

    • Dine al-fresco under the stars
    • 5,000 hectares of protected land
    • Both hotel rooms & remote lodges
    • Witness incredible local art
    • Organic vegan & vegetarian menus
    • Feel at ease in the outdoor hot tub
    • Escape to this tranquil tropical forest
    • Stables on-site with horse treks
    • ReWild conservation projects
    • Children over 14 are welcome
    • Check-in: Flexible
    • Discover more with Behind the Green
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    Minimum stay: 2 night
    Equivalent price per night: from approx. $222 USD

  • Local Knowledge

    The reserve sits within the lush Atlantic forest and is near the Ibitipoca State Park, a richly diverse area with dramatic waterfalls and rock formations. Guests are offered the chance to explore on one of the native horses from their on-site stables, or they can use one of the electric bikes that are offered. Knowledgeable guides take guests on tours of the local area, allowing them to see:

    • Swallow’s Cave
    • The nearby community of Mogul
    • The Sitting Armadillo Rock
    • Hawk’s Cave
  • Location

    Comuna do Ibitipoca is situated in the heart of the 3,000-hectare Ibitipoca Reserve, in the state of Minais Gervais. The landscape is unique and varied with pristine hidden waterfalls around every corner, wet sand dunes and tropical forests.

    • Nearest airport: Juiz de Fora Airport, 1h 40 min drive
    • Distance from key attraction: Ibitipoca State Park, 26 min drive
    • Nearby restaurant: Odette’s Health Bistro (on-site restaurant serving vegetarian cuisine)


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  • Energy
    Every building on this 17th century farm is fitted with solar power to generate clean energy.
  • Water
    Some of the buildings capture rain to provide water which can then be reused for maintaining the lake and watering the garden. The sinks are also equipped with aerators to reduce the flow of water so that there is less wastage.
  • Waste
    100% of the organic waste on the property is composted, whilst non-organic waste is sorted and recycled. They also have ‘reduce’ policies in place to avoid generating unnecessary waste.
  • Conservation
    Comuna do Ibitipoca is committed to its local environment and even has its own dedicated conservation team. They currently run a ReWild project which aims to keep 99% of the area...

    completely wild through the reintroduction of native plants and animals. There is also a programme called the Big 5 of The Atlantic Forest which focuses on the reintroduction of tapir, the conservation of deer, brown jaguars, maned wolves and muriqui.

  • Food
    The restaurants on the site use only local, seasonal food, with the main goal being to grow 90% of their own produce to save on transportation and packaging.
  • Engage Guests
    Comuna do Ibitipoca was an environmental reserve before opening up to tourism, so conservation is at the heart of everything they offer. Guests can go on tours on specially...

    designed circuits that allow them to see something new with every trip, and to be immersed in the history of the local area. Morning yoga classes are offered and guided excursions on foot to explore the Reserve’s waterfalls, caves, and natural pools.

  • Architecture
    All of the construction, restoration and maintenance at Comuna do Ibitipoca is undertaken with the principle of maintaining original architectural features of the colonial...

    style of the Minas Gerais region so that the local culture and history have been valued. The buildings were constructed by local workers, using mainly recycled materials sourced in the local area. As well as this, furniture to decorate the hotel was mostly sourced-second hand, with traditional antiques being used throughout.

  • Housekeeping
    The oils used in the spa are 100% natural, made from herbs and plants that can often be found on the property itself.
  • Kiwano Bonus
    Because forest fires have become a threat in the forested area, the property has its very own fire brigade which is assisted by and works to protect the local communities and forests...

    Comuna do Ibitipoca supports Casa do Sol, a community association where theatre, embroidery, ceramics and other projects showcase the local traditions and provide extra income for the local women. As well as this, they run the ‘University of Wisdom’, a project that offers a full schedule of training, courses, lectures and seminars, among other practices, for the local communities. They aim to empower the locals and encourage responsible entrepreneurship.


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    "One of the best places we ever slept"

    This 17th-century farm has all you would want....the place is magical so incredibly tastefully done. The food is mostly homegrown and delicious and the atmosphere is enchanting. So are the surroundings where you go for walks with experienced guides.

    Hans, TripAdvisor, June 2019

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    "Recommendable for all those people who like nature"

    It is really situated in a very unique place. It is a very special ecological Fazenda, with the Fazenda like 100 years ago, but equipped with all the comfort that you expect these days. Many sites to visit during the day by foot, horse or if needed by 4x4.

    Andries,, March 2019

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    "A very special place"

    This is truly a very remarkable and special place. The Lodge is exquisite with lots of comfy places to sit and relax, read or just soak up the views. The smell of woodsmoke along with the lovely smell of cooking from the kitchen just adds the experience.

    Lila, TripAdvisor, September 2018


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