Canopy Lodge

Panama, Central America

Canopy Lodge

Panama, Central America

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    ‘Canopy Lodge is nestled within an incredible forest, with an inviting climate that feels like spring all year-round. Relax in the natural swimming pool or read a book on the veranda.’


    • Highlights

      From $260 USD per night 

      A signature trail & waterfall hike

      A vegetarian-friendly menu

      World-class, bilingual guides

      Sir David Attenborough & Angelina Jolie visited here

      Explore ‘The Canopy Family’ including the tower and the camp

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    • Top Tip

      ‘Try the birding and nature tours, where a professional bilingual guide will help you spot birds and animals.’

      Eco Activities

      Don’t miss the exhilarating zipline tour with 4 platforms. Witness the outstanding views across the dense rainforest and enjoy the chance to go swimming in a natural pool at the end of the tour.

      Take a hike to explore the bird-rich trails which snake their way around the grounds on one of their exciting eco trips. With suspension bridges over a scenic creek and a trail leading to a spectacular waterfall.

      Experience the guided birding tour led by an experienced, bilingual guide.

    • Rooms

      There are twelve spacious rooms at the Canopy Lodge, each with its own private bathroom. These rooms are located in two buildings, all with spectacular views over the rushing Guayabo River.

      Spacious rooms with a wall of windows overlooking the gardens

      Most of the rooms have a balcony or terrace

      All you need including hot water, comfortable king size beds

      Spend a whole morning on your balcony watching the birds

    • Meet your Host

      Meet Daniel, the Vice President at Canopy Lodge. He was born in Panama but went to live in the USA. When his roots began to call him back home, he moved back to begin working with his father the founder.

      Daniel is a father of two and loves nothing more than exploring his surroundings and immersing in nature and wildlife.

      ‘Birdwatching is a treat wherever you go! What makes it special here is that we take care of everything for you so that you can concentrate entirely on birdwatching. Our world-class guides are so knowledgeable, they listen to our guests to find out what they want to do so that the experience is tailor-made.’

      Discover more with ‘Behind the Green’ here.

    • Need to Know

      The rainy season is from May to December. The rain usually comes in the early afternoons, so you’ll have all morning and the end of the afternoon to enjoy outdoor activities on a rainy day.

      This is the perfect destination for bird lovers, bird-watching enthusiasts and photographers. However, even if you’re not serious birders, you’ll feel right at home on the guided tours.

      There is no air conditioning in the rooms (obviously with it being eco focused), but there is a ceiling fan to keep cool and there is almost always a breeze. The temperature often drops in the evenings.

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    • Location

      Canopy Lodge is in El Valle de Antón, a mountain valley town in the Coclé Province, just two hours from Panama City. It is a quiet and slow-paced town, surrounded by misty mountains and lush cloud forest.

      How To Get There

      The distance from the airport: Tocumen International Airport is approximately a 2.5-hour drive (150km).

      Canopy Lodge will gladly arrange private transfers at different times. All-inclusive birding and nature packages include transfers in and out. They will also gladly arrange transfers to guests without a package at an additional cost.


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    As part of what we do here at Kiwano we advise hotels that don’t meet the criteria on how they can reach the renowned Kiwano seal of approval, sharing knowledge; working tirelessly to get more hotels inspired to join the green movement.

    • Energy
      Lightbulbs at the lodge are energy-saving compact fluorescents that save over 80% of the energy that conventional bulbs use. ACs (air conditioning) are known to have a negative impact on the environment...

      so they are not used at the lodge.

    • Water
      The lodge works to reduce water consumption where possible. The toilets at the lodge only use 1.6 gallons of water per flush which is a significant reduction compared to the 5 gallons used by typical toilets...

      They also reuse gray water from showers and sinks in the garden, to ensure that all of their water is used carefully.

    • Waste
      The reduction of plastics is a major commitment at Canopy Lodge. Guests are encouraged to refill water bottles rather than use plastic. Food waste is composted and reused in the garden...

      so that as little as possible goes to waste. Soap and shampoos offered to guests are provided in reusable dispensers, as opposed to plastic bottles that will be thrown away after use. The lodge buys food supplies in bulk to avoid unnecessary packaging, especially plastic. Any waste that is produced by the lodge is dealt with responsibly, so aluminium cans, plastic bottles and Tetra Pak products are all collected and sold to a recycler.

    • Conservation
      All of the tours offered to guests at the lodge are designed for nature lovers. They specialize in birding tours, but there are also tours on tropical biodiversity, mammals, plants...

      butterflies and herpetology. As a result of these tours, the lodge has been able to compile very detailed lists of species over the years that are available to the scientific community for important research. Nature observation is key at Canopy Lodge, big efforts are made to protect the wildlife, so that future guests can enjoy it for the years to come.

    • Food
      All fruits and vegetables are all bought in bulk from a local market in Panama City. The lodge is working to reduce the miles the food has to travel, and therefore the carbon emissions produced.
    • Engage Guests
      Guests at the lodge are informed of the efforts taken to conserve water and energy, and are encouraged to take part during their stay. Linens and towels are changed only when necessary...

      and to avoid the single-use plastic bottles reusable bottles are sold at the lodge. The lodge hopes that guests will return hone and apply some of the principles in their daily lives.

    • Architecture
      The wooden floor of Canopy lodge's library has been upcycled: materials salvaged from the old Panama Railroad ties made from Sapodilla, a native evergreen tree.
    • Housekeeping
      Towels and linens are only changed every three days, unless there is a request by the guest for changes to be more frequent. This initiative saves huge amounts of energy that would be used for washing and drying.
    • Kiwano Bonus
      The lodge is a proud member of the Pack for a Purpose initiative, which encourages travellers to have a lasting impact on the community by saving space in their suitcase to bring supplies needed...

      in community projects. This initiative can have a priceless impact on the lives of local children and families.


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      "Amazing experience in the forests of Panama"

      "We have now been twice, once on their "Tamarin Tour" package (birds and mammals), and once on their Herps package (reptiles and amphibians). Wonderful experience both times. Most guests are there for birds only, and we were really pleased they offer these other packages. They did a great job taking care of our dietary needs. We were there right at the start of the rainy season, but the weather was still great."

      roamingsouls, TripAdvisor

    • Kiwano Hotels
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      "Scintillating wildlife watching in comfort"

      Canopy Lodge is still an A-grade wildlife destination. El Valle itself is a big tourist town with plenty to do, the rooms are large and airy, it’s cooler than the Tower due to being higher in the mountains, and the food and hospitality are every bit as wonderful. The guides are wonderful; manager Aiden creates a perfect atmosphere and takes care to talk with every guest, understanding and meeting their needs perfectly; and the rest of the staff are equally brilliant.

      Kevin, TripAdvisor

    • Kiwano Hotels
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      Kiwano Hotels
      Kiwano Hotels
      Kiwano Hotels
      "A magical place"

      A magical place, if you are lovers of nature and birds you will love it.

      Liceth, Google Reviews

    • Kiwano Hotels
      Kiwano Hotels
      Kiwano Hotels
      Kiwano Hotels
      Kiwano Hotels

      Wonderfully run jungle lodge, mainly for birders, but others could also have a wonderful relaxed time (or become birders). The accommodation is spacious and well equipped (no air conditioning, but not needed because it cools off nicely at night). The food is home-style comfort food with lots of local products. The service is always with a smile and the staff seem to be very well treated. The highlight, though, is the team of bird guides who are superbly knowledgeable and great people to get along with.

      TripAdvisor Reviewer


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