Boulder Bay Eco Resort

Myanmar, Asia

Boulder Bay Eco Resort

Myanmar, Asia

‘Part of 800 deserted islands this retreat is nothing short of paradise. The trek up to Eagle Rock is worth it for the panoramic views of the island.’

Scroll down to see the top tips for Boulder Bay and to meet your host! Click on the leaf-rating tab to reveal sustainable & regenerative efforts across waste, energy, biodiversity, and more.


  • Highlights

    From $187 USD per night 

    Snorkel or dive the Pink Canyon

    Experience exciting guided excursions

    20 private bamboo bungalows 

    Meet marine biologists on the island 

    Enjoy complimentary use of sea kayaks

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  • Top Tip

    ‘Stay up to enjoy the wonders of the night sky stargazing. You might even witness the magnificent Milky Way’

    Eco Activities

    Dive a site very rarely visited by others. With diverse marine life including Manta Rays, Whale Sharks, and some of the most spectacular coral.

    Take part in the team’s Beach Clean Up on the island or enjoy a cup of coffee with Boulder Bay’s very own Marine Biologist. Find out how discarded fishing cages are rebuilding the coral reefs.

    Take a stroll to Bamboo Forest. Discover why bamboo is the building material of the future and how we can apply it to sustainable forestry solutions.

  • Rooms

    The rooms are located just a few steps away from the beach. Attention to detail to as little impact made as possible, leaving the island in its natural state, is what makes this place stand out. There is a choice of bungalows, from standard, to suite and superior.

    The balcony and incredibly comfortable hammocks

    All rooms are built entirely from renewable materials

    The eco-friendly amenities, biodegradable shower gels

    Being surrounded by beautiful trees and nature

  • Meet your Host

    Meet Bjorn, the co-founder of Boulder Bay Eco Resort. He first went to Thailand in the late 70s and later discovered Myanmar and Boulder Island.

    He runs the resort with his trusted friend Mr. Zaw Myo Kyaw.

    ‘There’s no denying that the world is in peril and Myanmar is a new frontier. We want to influence the government. There are over 800 islands in this archipelago and not many people know about them, but they need to be protected.’

    Discover Bjorn’s Behind the Green interview here.

  • Need to know

    Boulder Bay Eco Resort is a minimum footprint resort in one of the most far east Islands of the Archipelago, so don’t expect all the bells and whistles of a luxury resort. The founder describes the eco-resort perfectly, a 3-star hotel in a 7-star location.

    The resort is powered 100% by the sun. There is no air conditioning, but there are fans in the rooms. The clean air, natural breeze, and active design of the bungalows will make you forget that air conditioning even existed.

    Because of the remoteness of the island the internet connection is unstable and is only available at the community building. This is a chance for a real digital detox.

  • Location

    The resort is situated on the Nga Khin Nyo Ghee Island in the Mergui Archipelgo of Southern Mayanmar. The island is one of the most westerly in the archipelago and as a result, experiences a unique, but pleasant climate, and exceptionally clear blue waters.

    How to get there

    The first step is to get to Kawthaung, Myanmar or Ranong, Thailand. Once there you’ll need to board a boat, which will sail you comfortably from Kawthaung to Boulder Island.

    There are 1-2 flights a day from Yangon to Kawthaung, operated by Myanmar National Airlines (MNA). There are also two airlines that offer up to four flights a day from Bangkok to Ranong.

    Please note: Since the pandemic the flight schedules may have changed.


Leaf Rating

Kiwano Hotels
Kiwano Hotels
Kiwano Hotels

3-leaf status

As part of what we do here at Kiwano we advise hotels that don’t meet the criteria on how they can reach the renowned Kiwano seal of approval, sharing knowledge; working tirelessly to get more hotels inspired to join the green movement.

  • Energy
    Boulder Bay is 100% powered by solar energy. The panels are located away from the bungalows in order to avoid cutting down any trees. As well as this, all the buildings are fitted...

    with LED lighting and there is no air conditioning, in order to limit electricity usage.

  • Water
    Water is provided by a natural spring on the island, which is then purified by a solar-powered purifier. The employees have all received training on water-saving practices...

    (on housekeeping, laundry, landscaping & property maintenance). Guests are encouraged to minimise their impact and usage of water by choosing how often they want their towels and sheets changed.

  • Waste
    Where possible, waste is recycled on the island, for example, leftover food is composted, but waste that can’t be recycled on the island is sent back to Kawthaung in Thailand to be recycled there...

    Since 2020 the team at Boulder Bay has been implementing Bokhasi principles converting organic waste into fertile soil within a short period.

  • Biodiversity
    In order for their marine conservation projects to be approached in the most considerate and scientific way, Boulder Bay partnered with an NGO called Project Manaia...

    The resort currently employs full time experienced marine biologists that are based on the island who carry out surveys and assist in coral restoration programmes. This includes setting up coral nurseries at three different locations around the island, made with recycled fish traps. These nurseries are designed to encourage the growth of new coral, which is important for maintaining biodiversity. The resort has also set up permanent moorings for boats, so there is no need to drop anchors which could potentially damage coral. All of the resort’s findings are accumulated and shared with other operators in the region and the Marine Biology Department of Myeik University.

  • Food
    The resort has its own intricately designed mandala garden for fresh produce. For food that can’t be grown here it is locally sourced where ever possible.
  • Engage Guests
    The resort offers guests an array of eco-friendly amenities, including: Bamboo toothbrushes, chemical-free toothpaste, bamboo cotton swabs, natural mosquito repellent, biodegradable...

    shampoo and shower gel, reef-safe sunscreen and aluminum water bottles with refilling stations situated throughout the resort. On top of this, staff also offer guided treks around the island, with the opportunity to meet the resort’s full-time marine biologists to learn about marine conservation programmes. As well as this, guests are encouraged to minimise their usage of water by choosing how often they want their towels and sheets changed, and they also have the option of participating in a bi-weekly beach clean-up.

  • Architecture
    Each of the 20 bungalows are made from entirely renewable materials, with great attention going in to making them blend with the surroundings, the cutting down of trees has been kept to a bare minimum to help with this.
  • Housekeeping
    All of the cleaning products used at Boulder Bay Eco Resort are natural, chemical-free, biodegradable and vegan, from Conscious Living in Thailand.
  • Community
    The resort has invited students from the Marine Biology Department at Myeik University in order for them to acquire hands-on experience in marine conservation. There are plans to create more...

    partnerships with local educational institutions and NGOs.


  • Kiwano Hotels
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    Kiwano Hotels
    " I recommend this place!"

    Boulder Bay Eco Resort is the only hotel in the island, there are not many tourists and the natural environment is well preserved. The surroundings of the resort are really beautiful. You can have a walk in the forest with a guide, dive or go snorkelling to see colourful fish and corals in pristine waters.

    Jennifer, Google Reviews, April 2019

  • Kiwano Hotels
    Kiwano Hotels
    Kiwano Hotels
    Kiwano Hotels
    Kiwano Hotels
    "Amazingly beautiful in every way"

    Boulder Island and it’s eco resort is a very special place and we hope it remains that way forever! Simple accommodation right on the beach with lovely local, simple and healthy food.

    Applepike, TripAdvisor, March 2019

  • Kiwano Hotels
    Kiwano Hotels
    Kiwano Hotels
    Kiwano Hotels
    Kiwano Hotels
    "Good place to end a travel in Myanmar!"

    If you want to have a different and great experience in an island, you should visit Boulder Bay Island! All bungalows have stunning views. We enjoyed a lot doing all the activities in the island, specially snorkeling.

    Safari561814, TripAdvisor, November 2018


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