Leaf rating

Leaf rating

Each property profile you’ll find has a tab called ‘leaf rating‘. Here you can do your own eco-checks across architecture, water, energy, waste, etc. Below are just some examples of questions we ask and what to look for along the way 😉

There are 4 levels of leaf-ratings, from 1-leaf up to gold status. We know each and every place we champion inside out. From how they deal with waste to how they get their power, source their food, and regenerate the environment that surrounds them.

You have the power to make a better choice and to consider your impact before planning your next trip…

Kiwano Seal of Approval

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1-leaf status

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2-leaf status

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3-leaf status

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Gold leaf status

  • Architecture
    What renewable, local and sustainable materials were used in the construction of the building? What plans were made prior to the build to avoid damage to the local environment? Look out for re-used furniture, natural materials like bamboo and land clearing done by hand with no use of machinery during construction.
  • Water
    Are there systems in place to reduce water consumption? Is rainwater stored and used for irrigation? Consider how their waste water is treated, whether they have aerators in taps and showers to reduce flow and whether bottled drinking water is provided to guests to avoid the use of plastic.
  • Energy
    What systems do they have in place on-site to produce their own electricity? Do they source 100% renewable energy (i.e wind power)? Solar panels is always good to see, also consider the efforts made in good insulation to retain heat and keep the property cool, without use of air conditioning.
  • Engage Guests
    Do they reward guests for making greener choices during their stay? Are there educational programmes run for guests or conservation activities to engage in? Keep an eye out for discounts or incentives for guests to choose a greener option, free farm tours, nature walks and complimentary bikes to explore with.
  • Waste
    How do they separate waste, what recycling systems are in place? Is there a no plastic policy? Consider where the food waste goes, is there a paperless policy respected by the staff and is there a kitchen which changes the menu use ingredients that would otherwise go to waste.
  • Food
    Do they grow their own organic ingredients such as fruits, vegetables and herbs? Do they work with local producers and sustainable fisheries? Look out for no pesticides, an organic wine list and foods grown which regenerate the soil via regenerative farming practices.
  • Conservation
    Is there a conservation team employed to protect the surrounding nature? Are they involved in coastal, forest or mangrove restoration? Consider whether the staff and guests are involved in conservation efforts, are trees planted to compensate for Co2 emissions and is things like fishing and anchoring being forbidden.
  • Housekeeping
    What cleaning products are used by housekeeping? Are they 100% chemical free, organic and biodegradable? Keep an eye out for systems to reduce unnecessary washing, whether soap left behind gets recycled and if there is biodegradable mattresses being sourced
  • Kiwano Bonus
    Any system, practice, effort or community focused activity that isn't listed above, but really deserves a mention goes in the Kiwano bonus!
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