Green Pages Episode #5: Wild Hope By Andrew Balmford

Green Pages Episode #5: Wild Hope By Andrew Balmford

For many of us, a staycation, a holiday to a faraway place or days spent lounging at home are ideal opportunities to lose oneself in a good book. Discovering a great book and getting lost in its pages is the ultimate joy.

From heartfelt climate change stories to uncovering the hidden life of trees, I’m so grateful to be sharing with you a collection of inspiring books to help save the planet.

‘Green Pages’ is a book review series with a difference, which I hope can inspire you.

Faced with scary and sometimes depressing headlines on the state of our planet, find out why there’s still hope…

Click play to see what the key takeaways were from this book.

In this episode, we’ll answer….

– Who’s this book perfect for?
– What are the key takeaways?
– What is the best chapter in the book?
– What might it inspire me to do next?

Click here to get the book.

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