Green Pages Episode #2: 'When the Rivers Run Dry' by Fred Pearce

Green Pages Episode #2: 'When the Rivers Run Dry' by Fred Pearce

“Green Pages” is designed for anyone who loves nature and wildlife and is passionate about responsible tourism. It’s for green hoteliers (or those aspiring to be), sustainable living enthusiasts, those studying conservation, and eco-conscious travelers.

This series covers a range of topics from the global water crisis to rewilding, conservation projects, unbalanced tourism, sustainable living, marine life, soil, city planning, climate change, farming; spanning across 100s of countries, and from rainforests to coral reefs.

In this episode, we’ll look at why rivers around the world are drying up, why farmers in India no longer farm crops, they farm water…. and much more.

In this episode of Green Pages I cover:
– Who’s ‘When the Rivers Run Dry’ for?
– What are the key takeaways?
– What are my favourite moments in the book?
– Why would I recommend it to a friend?

Watch the video below…

Click here to get the book.

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