Green Pages Episode #10: Sustainable Travel

Green Pages Episode #10: Sustainable Travel

Getting lost in a book provides the perfect escape…

Whether it be a long weekend staycation or an adventure to a faraway place – ‘getting away’ gives us the opportunity to lose ourselves in a good book. From heartfelt climate change stories to feel-good books about trees, the Green Pages book review series has something to suit everyone’s taste.

Book review: Sustainable Travel – An essential guide to positive impact adventures, by Holly Tuppen.

Rather than destroying landscapes for short-term gain, the right kind of travel can protect and restore ecosystems around the world. This book is packed with positive-impact adventures, interesting facts, and is guaranteed to inspire your next trip. You will never look at travel in the same way again!

If you feel inspired to read this wonderful book, great! Here is an easy, quick link for you HERE.

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