About Us

About Us

‘We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us’

Hi, we’re Rebecca and Lionel and we’re digital nomads with a huge passion for nature, adventure travel, slow travel, and sustainable travel. As you can probably tell, travel is a pretty big part of our life.

We also love to read! When we’re not working you’ll find us buried in the pages of a great book. You can hear more about books here.

The adventure started from an unexpected place…

Feelings of frustration from not being able to plan our own eco-conscious trips; the lack of easy-to-understand and accessible information on what an eco-friendly hotel looked like; our growing concern for the planet and the host communities often negatively impacted by tourism – all led us to take action into our own hands and so Kiwano was born.

No trip is perfect but to justify it we need to make it count…

Planning a sustainable, responsible, eco trip might seem daunting at first, but it’s worth remembering that taking a few considered actions is better than burying your head in the sand and taking none at all.

The first step is to let go of perfectionism, and acknowledge that every choice we make has an impact not just on those carbon calculations, but on the host destination, community, and environment.

We’ve created an easy leaf rating to help you get started…

“As we dive into a new decade – the most criticial we’ve ever known for the survival of our species… we can choose the long-term sustainable path, or plummet down the self-destructive one”

Holly Tuppen, author of sustainable travel

By eating vegan to better justify that long-haul flight, or joining the no-fly movement to continue your meat-loving diet, this isn’t about one size fits. You’ll soon realise a domino effect comes into play the moment when we start asking better questions before booking that next trip.

Ditching the top ten bucket-list to seek lesser-known destinations that are less burdened by tourism, travelling off-peak, choosing a trip where your money can help fund coral reef restoration, or staying at a hotel that is uplifting a community by creating economic opportunities, we can start to consider doing good every step of the way.

Rather than feeling guilty about travel, we can make lower-carbon and more positive-impact choices by thinking about the places we stay, what we pack, what we eat, when we travel and where we go.

Why the name Kiwano?

Kiwano is a fruit, in fact, it’s a horned-like melon. So, why call ourselves Kiwano? For us, it’s about what it represents. When you open the fruit it’s a vibrant green inside. It’s what is on the inside that counts after all 😉

With plenty of greenwashing, confusing information, and various awards it’s not always easy to see who the real custodians of people and place are. That’s why we look from the inside out and get to know each place’s true colours before ever recommending them.

Books To Help Save The Planet

For many of us, a staycation or a holiday to a faraway place are ideal opportunities to lose oneself in a good book. Discovering a great book and getting lost in its pages is the ultimate joy.

Click below to hear the 3 latest episodes from my series Green Pages.

Passionate About Restoring Nature

In the journey so far, we’ve planted hundreds of native trees and inspired 100’s of business owners to join the ‘rewilding movement’.

Empowering businesses by hosting virtual events, creating processes, providing content, and online tool kits. To date, we’ve seen over £20,000 contributed to restoring native forests in Scotland, restoring underwater kelp forests in Portugal and funding critical research from Sea otters in California to Termites in Africa.

Find out more about our work here.

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