About Us

About Us

‘We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us’

Hi… We’re Rebecca and Lionel. After meeting 7 years ago we love nothing more than packing our bags and setting out on an adventure. We share a huge passion for nature, travel, and living more sustainably.

After years of frustration from not being able to plan our own eco-conscious trips away, the lack of information at our fingertips, and a growing concern for the planet, we knew we had to take action and so Kiwano was born.

Kiwano was created by an eco-conscious couple, for other eco-conscious couples who also feel that being in nature and working to protect our planet is part and parcel of the romantic getaway.

Green Pages

Who doesn’t love a good book? The benefits of reading go way beyond brain stimulation and increasing knowledge. In fact, reading has the power to bring couples closer together.

Research shows that reading together helps couples grow even closer, as it enables them to share thoughts and creates new stimulating conversations. Talking about books can be a bonding experience in itself.

Green Pages is designed for those who love reading about our incredible planet, sustainable living, nature, and of course eco-conscious travel. In each video we’ll cover:

  • Who’s it for
  • The key takeaways
  • Our favourite chapters
  • Why it’s worth reading
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